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Orlando Health Employees can order from our website using payroll deduction. After signing in to create an account with your email, add 3rd party/Employer Billing under account settings and use the following login info. Your Employee discount will also be applied.

Group Billing Name: Orlando Health
Password: Orlando
Billing ID: Health

Orders will not be processed until we receive a copy of your signed payroll deduction voucher from your manager and your employee badge. You can email or text a photo of the voucher and badge to stcloudscrubs@gmail.com or text them to 407-350-2145. Only In-store pick up is avaliable for purchases with payroll deduction. Please bring the original voucher with you when you pick up your order.

*If your order exceeds the maximum amount filled in on your voucher, please change the amount to be deducted to the allowed amount and pay the difference with a credit card or paypal. If no amount is filled in, the max can never exceed $200